Best 40 Aries Quotes

These Aries quotes will help you know all about their personality
Discover the best 40 Aries quotes that show the personality of this zodiac sign. 


Impulsive, fiery, sincere and proud: these are some of the best words to describe an Aries. It's not always easy to live with one of them, but the moment you get to know them, you realize that they hide many special traits. Aries are loyal and loving. In order to know a little more about this zodiac sign, we have compiled the best 40 Aries quotes.

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40 quotes for you to get to know Aries

The best compilation of Aries quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1What Aries does for those they love is worth more than words.

2Aries falls, stumbles, gets up, dusts off, and moves on.

3No matter how much they try, they never know when to shut up.

4It's all or nothing for them.

5Aries doesn't take responsibility for their moments of pride.

6They might be really impulsive, but it still hurts.

7Don't expect them not to tell you what bothers them.

8Their eyes describe their soul.

9Aries doesn't have to say anything for you to know what they think.

10To stay calm, Aries needs to express what they have inside.

11You can expect anything coming out of their mouth.

12Aries doesn't accept defeat, and if they lose, they'll be back for sure.

13When Aries wants something, they want it now.

14Who said anything can do harm to an Aries? Everything hurts, and a lot.

15Any type of negativity is capable of affecting Aries, affecting their control.

16Aries is very intense in all aspects, also in love.

17They don't care about anyone else when they're in love.

18It is hard to get to know an Aries at first, and they like it that way.

19They say Aries are not sensitive at all, but they are actually too sensitive.

20Aries' eyes are usually challenging.

21If you betray Aries, you'll most likely lose their friendship.

22Aries always wants to be tolerant, but they don't always make it.

23Aries grows up late, but when they do, it's all at once.

24If you see Aries crying, it's because the pain has reached their soul.

25Only a fool would be able to walk away from the heart of an Aries.

26Aries always fights for what they want, even though they know they may not get it.

27If the world admires Aries, it is undoubtedly because of their strong temper.

28Truth is Aries' best defense, even with screaming and crying.

29Aries may forget, but they don't forgive.

30Aries may be missing everything, but you'll always see them fighting.

31You can always tell when Aries dislikes something.

32Even if they don't show it, Aries likes to love, dominate and provoke pleasure.

33Aries will keep arguing even if they know they're not right.

34Aries, if you could save one thing from a fire, it would be your pride.

35Aries is pure passion, burning fire.

36Aries impatience exceeds any known limit.

37Only the unwary is able to stand up to Aries.

38Aries doesn't have masks. Aries will always show just as they are.

39Neither impatient nor prudent, Aries lacks these two virtues.

40Aries loves honesty and clarity, they'll always appreciate them.