Best 40 Gemini Quotes

Here are some quotes to learn more about Gemini's personality
Discover the best 40 Gemini quotes that show the personality of this zodiac sign. 


They say there's nothing worse than a Gemini who is bored. They need to be constantly doing something so they don't feel like they're wasting their time. That gives us clues to their expressive, intelligent, outgoing, flirtatious, communicative and active nature. However, any Gemini has its opposite side: the circumstances of life can make them sad and taciturn. We explore both sides of the same coin through these Gemini quotes.

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40 quotes for you to get to know Gemini

The best compilation of Gemini quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1Gemini always keeps an ace up their sleeve.

2A wicked mind and a good heart, the perfect combination.

3Gemini is the only sign capable of finding the truth in your lie.

4Gemini can change their mind every day.

5Give a Gemini something to do and everything will be fine.

6Quiet people make Gemini nervous.

7Gemini doesn't give away their trust, even if it's always spontaneous.

8Gemini needs answers, no more questions.

9Gemini waste their time only with those who deserve it.

10When Gemini go to bed, they don't sleep. They start thinking.

11If there's a shy Gemini, it's because they're sick or something happened to them.

12Gemini hate being single only because of the obligation to fill their time.

13Don't try to deprive a Gemini of something.

14Even makeup won't keep you from showing your feelings to Gemini.

15For Gemini nothing is worth more than 'here and now'.

16For a Gemini it would be perfect to be born having learned everything

17If life is a game, for Gemini the only rule is to have fun.

18If you want to have a Gemini by your side, be an openminded person.

19Few decisions, but very hasty.

20Learn to treat a Gemini so as not to hurt their feelings.

21A Gemini is the happiest person in the world in the morning and the saddest at night.

22Having a Gemini as a friend is like having two friends.

23Don't worry if Gemini changes their expression in seconds, it's still the same.

24If you want to conquer a Gemini, you have a double job.

25If you love Gemini, learn to live with their other self.

26When you think you've met a Gemini, then everything about them changes.

27Many say Gemini are bipolar, but we all are a bit Gemini in that sense.

28Gemini are never as good as they would like or as bad as someone else would like.

29Don't leave Gemini in the dark without a compelling reason.

30Gemini are not perfect at all, but they will not leave when you need them.

31For Gemini, love can turn to hate in a minute.

32A Gemini can't spend a quiet weekend at home.

33Gemini are either very polite or very rude.

34Gemini do everything their way.

35Gemini always have their own concept of good and evil.

36Gemini can always be your new soul mate.

37Charisma is the most important thing to seduce a Gemini, keep that in mind.

38Gemini is the McGiver of the zodiac.

39Whoever shows interest in a Gemini will receive the interest of a Gemini.

40Gemini are open-minded, although they can be faithful as well.