Best 40 Leo Quotes

Here are some quotes to learn more about Leo's personality

Discover the best 40 Leo quotes that show the personality of this zodiac sign.

Leos, born between July 23 and August 22, are courageous, charismatic and determined people. In addition, they are good leaders and stand out for their authenticity. However, pride and vanity sometimes bring out the worst from this zodiac sign.

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40 quotes for you to get to know Leo

The best compilation of Leo quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1Leo thinks: “Do you think I should do this? Oh, it doesn't matter, I'm going to do it anyway.”

2For a Leo, there is no more pleasure in life than achieving what they say you are not capable of doing.

3I have forgiven you, but I'm not going to forget. This is what Leo is thinking.

4Leos say to themselves: “I have an idea and I believe it is a very good one”

5Leo people like to fight, but that's a good sign. You should worry when they stop doing so, it will mean they have stopped caring about you.

6Leos say to themselves: “You can do it, and who ever tells you the opposite is an idiot and doesn't deserve your attention."

7I know I'm going to get burnt, but I'll still play with fire.

8If a Leo gives you a bad look, it doesn't mean they're angry... it just means they are Leo.

9Leos need their claws to protect their heart that has been hurt so many times.

10Leo thinks: “I am 99% sure that the rest of signs envy me."

11Leo knows how to forgive, but that depends on how much they love you.

12Leo does not want any excuses, they want action.

13Leo's friendship is not suitable for anti-happiness people.

14Leo can't stand people promising things that they can't keep.

15It is very difficult for a Leo to say "no" to something.

16A Leo is very generous and will give everything in his power.

17A Leo doesn't follow fashions, and they're not interested in being a copy of anyone either.

18You have to be faithful and loyal to a Leo, just like they are.

19Leo people are generous and kind to others.

20A Leo will always try to make each person feel unique and special.

21A Leo doesn't usually regret what's happening to them, and if they do, it won't last long.

22Leos sometimes make the mistake of trusting too much in someone who will then betray them.

23No one passes over Leo.

24Leos are pure courage.

25A Leo is independent, sometimes self-obligated, in order not to let the pain in.

26When a Leo is angry, they spit fire out of their mouth.

27A Leo always remembers who gave them a hand unconditionally.

28A Leo excels in jobs where they have to be in front of people.

29Leos are safe and determined.

30One of Leo's biggest fears is being publicly humiliated.

31A Leo is creative and enthusiastic.

32Leo's a little bossy and has an arrogant point.

33A Leo fights tirelessly for anything that gets into his head.

34A Leo needs others to follow them, love them.

35Although they always seem secure, a Leo feels fragile sometimes.

36They love people flattering them, although this is hard for them to recognize.

37In love, as Leo feels special, they want someone special by their side.

38A Leo always expects a lot from someone.

39If a Leo feels something, they aren't really thinking.

40Leo always does what he wants at any moment.