Best 40 Libra Quotes

These Libra quotes will help you know all about their personality
Discover the best 40 Libra quotes that show the personality of this zodiac sign.


Some of the words that can define Libra are: affable, balanced, idealistic, smart, peaceful and optimistic. One may think that Libras are always nice people, but the truth is that they tend to be frivolous and unloyal. With their virtues and flaws, here's a compilation of the best Libra quotes to know a little more about this zodiac sign.


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40 quotes for you to get to know Libra

The best compilation of Libra quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1Even though Libra is all goodness, they also know how to leave you speechless.

2Libra wants and can't, Libra can and won't.

3After the worst fight, Libra can always forgive you.

4Libra hates routine and likes to do different things.

5Libras are great therapists to others, but not to themselves.

6You won't realize that a Libra is suffering until they tell you.

7If Libra doesn't say something, their face does all the work.

8Libra is sanity, but with doses of madness in small amounts.

9Libra doesn't say much, but if you listen carefully you'll get to know them.

10Don't trust a Libra to look like they're not getting it.

11Libra wants to fly always high, but at the same time is dependent of others.

12Libra have a balance that is not always still.

13Libra hates people who try to pretend.

14When Libra is in a conflict, they always look for the middle ground.

15If Libra doesn't like you, they may be the most distant person on Earth.

16Don't ask Libra the end of a story; they'll tell you everything.

17Libra may change their mind overnight.

18Libra: probably the most civilized sign of the zodiac.

19Libras are experts in conflict mediation, but not theirs.

20Libras enjoy small things, and the happiness of others.

21Beauty and harmony are two indispensable attributes for Libra.

22Libra will travel with you and leave everything behind.

23When Libra are upset, all calm is gone.

24If you've pissed off a Libra, it's because you've really tried.

25The sense of justice is one of Libra's greatest virtues, and also a flaw.

26A Libra is not allowed to hate, because it means to unbalance them.

27If you love a Libra, you must accept them as they are.

28Libra's opinions don't last long.

29Confrontation is not written in Libra's dictionary.

30Libra, pleasure can lead you to commit excesses.

31Sometimes Libra's sense of justice leads them to meddle in other people's affairs.

32Libras like to be seductive, although they must learn to control themselves.

33Libra's attraction to beauty goes beyond the physical.

34They're not always sure of themselves, but they're always sure of others.

35Any Libra hates being exposed to others.

36To know what a Libra is like in love, let yourself be seduced by them.

37Though intelligent, Libras can stumble several times on the same stone.

38Although they are not always willing to talk, they always know how to listen.

39For Libra, things aren't always white or black.

40The pleasure of arguing is not one of Libra's natural attributes.