Best 40 Scorpio Quotes

These Scorpio quotes will help you know all about their personality
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Notorious for their bad temper and evilness, Scorpio were born between October 23 and November 22. While they may be vengeful people, they are not just pure evil. They are intense, passionate and good loyal advisors.

And in love, they give everything. But don't betray them or you will regret, because for them, from love to hate there is only a small step. They feel very different from other people and if they don't like someone, they have no problem letting them know.

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40 quotes for you to get to know Scorpio

The best compilation of Scorpio quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1A Scorpio thinks: "Within me hides a sensitive and sweet heart. Maybe deep down, but it's there.

2Without their non-friendly face, they wouldn't be them.

3If a Scorpio falls in love with you, consider yourself privileged, because no one will love you so passionately.

4What can move from love to hate in a matter of seconds? A Scorpio.

5Scorpio often thinks: "I may seem to have forgotten but believe me, I am planning my revenge.

6Scorpio tend to think: "I risked myself and now it turns out that I have to deal with the consequences. Unfair."

7I hate you so much, I hope your boss is a Scorpio.

8They have good reasons for not trusting someone.

9They usually think: "You were worth it, now you're not."

10Life is full of contradictions and the greatest of them is usually a Scorpio: fiery as fire, but sweet as honey.

11Scorpio are pure honesty. No filters.

12They don't like being loved for pretending be something they're not.

13If you don't like their personality, you can just turn around and leave.

14When Scorpio has a good day, they're an angel. If not, they are the devil.

15Mess with them and you'll see.

16A Scorpio has a lot of self-control. They are able to pretend not to be mad.

17Indeed the legends are true. Scorpio is not evil. They are much more than that.

18Scorpio hearts don't break, they freeze.

19When a Scorpio gets angry, they just stop talking to you.

20If you are good to a Scorpio, they'll give it back to you. If you wrong them, they'll also return it to you.

21A Scorpio may seem crazy, but they're also serious.

22When a Scorpio loves, it is one of the most faithful zodiac symbols.

23When Scorpio offers loyalty, fidelity and sincerity to someone they only expect it back.

24Scorpio is one of the most powerful zodiac signs

25Scorpio is pure honesty, even it it hurts.

26When they give, they expect something back.

27Scorpio is calm with calm people, crazy with crazy people, intellectual with intelligent people and mysterious with each of them.

28Scorpio's tendency to want to know everything about someone is proportional to the interest they feel for it.

29Scorpio expresses with words only 1% of what is really in their mind.

30Scorpio is all feelings, but so strong that sometimes they win them.

31Scorpio's secrecy is their most powerful part in attracting others.

32Scorpio can't help but want what they can't have or what's hard to have.

33When Scorpio love until the end of their days.

34Scorpio is not an ordinary person, in fact, they quite far from the general average.

35Scorpio is neither simple, nor common, nor someone with whom you can have a quiet life.

36From love to hate there is only one step, and Scorpio knows it very well.

37Scorpio will never forget a noble gesture. They will keep it, remember it, and if they can return it.

38The character of a Scorpio is a mixture of unbearable and extreme sweetness.

39Scorpio has a great capacity for organization.

40Scorpio for love does many more things than anyone imagines. But nobody sees it.