Best 40 Taurus Quotes

These Taurus quotes will help you know all about their personality
Discover the best 40 Taurus quotes that show the personality of this zodiac sign.


Practical, determined, conservative, respectful, inflexible and stable. That is what Taurus is like. They tend to be practical and prudent people, so they will rarely be interested in changing. That rigidity can generate some conflict, but deep down they love to be affectionate with the people who they care about. These Taurus quotes will help us get to know this sign of the zodiac.


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40 quotes for you to get to know Taurus

The best compilation of Taurus quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1Taurus hardly clings to false hopes.

2Their eyes can either eat you or seduce you.

3If a Taurus decides to be with you, they won't have decided without first thinking about it.

4Taurus likes real things.

5Try to contradict a Taurus and you'll regret it.

6Warning: the world of Taurus is not to be touched.

7Don't piss a Taurus off, because their anger doesn't last only a few minutes or hours.

8Nothing will ever end with a Taurus.

9Taurus remembers everything, from the first kiss to the last dagger.

10Tell Taurus they can't do something and sit down and watch them do it.

11Taurus is reciprocal, they take what they give.

12Never tell Taurus how they should do their stuff, because it's their stuff.

13Taurus: great at ignoring.

14Tauro is never on both sides. They always choose.

15Lying to Taurus is like saying goodbye forever.

16Give them good food and you'll have them forever by your side.

17Taurus respects the opinion of others, but their truth will always be above.

18Don't expect a Taurus to change overnight.

19A Taurus prefers the comfort of their home, to the madness of a new experience.

20Taurus are faithful to their essence, faithful to their passion, faithful not to change.

21A Taurus is firm, but only aggressive when feeling trapped.

22When they fall in love, Taurus can't help but tell you all the time.

23What defines them best: it is difficult to understand their personality.

24Don't ask a Taurus to abandon their convictions, or their routine.

25Taurus does things once and for all, or they won't.

26If your talent is pretending, Taurus' is pretending to believe you.

27Taurus always has the strength and power that are necessary.

28If Taurus shows their dark side, you better go away.

29If they ever leave the path, it is to find their own.

30They always look calm, even though they aren't.

31If their heart speaks, their mind will stop it.

32They take their time in bed to make you feel satisfied.

33You can seduce them by showing that you are convinced about something.

34If you ever lie to them, sorry, they will never trust you again.

35They can stand anything.

36Surprise them with a great experience, as long as it is not new.

37Headstrongness is their worst flaw.

38Don't bother trying to motivate a Taurus to go on: they already are motivated.

39Their brain works faster than their bodies.

40They hate fake smiles.

41You stand out for being stealthy, until the bull in you awakes.